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So why have I created this blog?

First and foremost, I'm hoping it will help people learn about what goes into a photograph and how many times you need to mess up, go through a bad day of shooting, plan, replan, and plan again, before these shots we all marvel at across the internet and social media appear. 

The reality is that the perfect shot isn't always there. Sometimes you show up to a spot you're super excited about, and something just isn't quite right. I can't tell you the number of times clouds have rolled in late when they weren't supposed to or I forgot to tighten a piece down on my tripod that left me unable to take a long exposure shot I wanted. You learn from these situations, and hopefully grow from them. 

Ask any photographer

If you ever find yourself talking to a photographer, ask them how many photos they take for every one the post, print or sell. Odds are you'll be get some sort of chuckle or snort-like noise, because no one knows. All we know is that it's a lot. For example, when I shot for our Athletics department in college, I would probably keep 1 in 15 photos I took for a game from there, the school might use 1 in 50 from that day's game. 

The beauty of digital photography is that we're afforded unlimited opportunities to take as many photos as we need and play around with all sorts of settings until we get it juuuust right. Think about it like this, and it's even more amazing to think of how much work pre-digital photographers had and how someone like Ansel Adams was able to create such incredibly crisp and dynamic imagery without the type of technology we all have access to today. 

Imperfection is part of the job

In my opinion, the toughest thing about being passionate about any sort of art is learning to deal with the imperfections that create a less-than-ideal situation. Whether you're painting, sculpting or taking photos, there are certain things that you can do your best to predict, but are just out of your control. Sometimes, you can come back to it later when conditions are more ideal and, for example, the clouds blocking the Milky Way move on.

But other times, you have no choice. You're on vacation somewhere and you've been so fired up about this one spot far away from home that you need to figure out how to make it work. Even though it might not be exactly what you came for, being able to figure out something amazing in that moment is, in my opinion, what makes it all worth it. 

The best part

Nailing it. For as much as I've talked about the imperfections and difficulties that we all face, there are those times when you really nail it and you know it. Thinking about the situation above where you just sort of have to make things work, nothing feels better than coming out the other end of that and knowing you were able to adapt and create an incredible image. 

Throughout the course of this blog, I'll be sharing stories and time of when things worked, didn't work, completely crumbled in front of me, or totally worked out in my favor. Hopefully, getting behind the shot with me will teach you something. That could be a composition technique, a shooting style, an editing technique, or a way you don't want to do things. 

So I hope you enjoy

Stick around, read a bit, and send me an email or a message on Instagram if you have any questions or comments. Thanks so much for stopping by. 

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